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If you are you a producer of quality fleece and are interested in selling them directly to craftspeople, then we would recommend listing them for sale on The Fleece Shop. Find out more, including how to get setup, on this page.

Why should I list my fleeces on The Fleece Shop?

The Fleece Shop website is dedicated to helping you sell your fleece. When you list your fleece on The Fleece Shop, you will be exposing it to hundreds of potential buyers who are as passionate about your fleece as you are.

When you make a sale, you receive payment instantly, securely and directly into your PayPal account, as all payment facilities are fully integrated into the order process. Any sales you make are fully tracked on the website and include all of the delivery details so there is no back-and-forth arranging the transaction. Everything you need to complete the sale is available from the start.

We will notify you instantly by email when you receive an order so you don't need to keep checking the website (of course you can if you want to!). All the tools for processing your sales are also provided in your Seller Menu where you can view your sale details, mark them as dispatched as well as complete any tracking information.

Throughout the transaction, both you, as the seller, and the customer, are kept fully informed from start to finish giving you both confidence in the transaction and hopefully encourage repeat business.

Of course, you will also receive the full support of The Fleece Shop as well as benefit from the ongoing development of the site. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time. We can also help drive your sales by promoting your fleeces on social media. Selling on The Fleece Shop really works! Why not see what's recently sold on The Fleece Shop?

How do I list my fleeces on The Fleece Shop?

We've designed The Fleece Shop to make it as simple and quick as possible to get your fleeces listed on our website. It's as easy as 1,2,3...!

  1. Register an account and select "I would like to sell fleece on The Fleece Shop". You will be asked some questions to create your seller profile.
  2. After registering, click "List Fleece" on the Seller Menu to list your fleece. Again, you will be asked some questions about your fleece.
  3. Before any fleeces get listed on The Fleece Shop, you will also need to setup your delivery charges (see below).

What information do I need to sell my fleece on The Fleece Shop?

When listing your fleece on The Fleece Shop, you may like to have the following information to hand about each fleece.

  1. Information about the animal from which the fleece was sheared, such as the breed, name (if applicable), age and maybe even a photo.
  2. Decide if you want to sell the fleece as a whole fleece or whether you want to sell it by weight (such as in 100g lots).
  3. Other information such as the colour, weight, date it was sheared, level of vegetative material in the fleece, and don't forget the price!
  4. Up to 5 photos can be uploaded for each fleece. We recommend at least a photo of the fleece laid out flat, and a close up of the fibres.

There are handy help guides on each of the fleece details which explain what they mean. Not all fields are required, but we would recommend completing as much information as possible to increase you chances of making the sale. If you need any help, you can always contact us.

There are also a series of shortcuts to help you if you have multiple fleeces to list. For example, if you already have some fleeces listed, you may choose to use one as a "Template" when listing a new fleece which will pre-fill all the input fields with the details of the that existing fleece so you only need to adjust the details that are different (such as weight and price).

How does postage and delivery costs work?

Postage rates are created separately from the fleece. You setup postage by creating a number of postage rates according to weight. The Fleece Shop automatically calculates which rate to use depending on the total weight of fleece that the customer has ordered from you in a single order.

You may wish to charge a certain amount if the total weight is between 0 and 1kg, and then a different amount if the weight is between 1 and 2kg, and so on. These ranges are called "bands" and you can create as many postage rate bands as you like. The weight you enter in the last band represents the maximum weight of fleece you are willing to sell in any single order.

You can also choose to send your fleeces to the European Union as well as further afield, and you can choose a different set of price bands for the E.U. and for other international customers. Remember you must ensure you have all the relevant paperwork if you are sending fleece overseas.

Your postage rates can be setup on the Seller Menu, under the "Manage" menu.

How much does it cost to sell on The Fleece Shop?

It is free to list fleeces on The Fleece Shop, however, if you make a sale, we will charge a 10% commission on the total value of the order, similar to other online marketplaces. We raise invoices for all commission at the beginning of every month and they cover any sales made in the previous month. If the total amount of commission due is less than £1.00 then we do not raise an invoice and the comission will roll over onto the next month and will continue to do so until the commission due exceeds £1.00.

Please note, PayPal will also charge a fee for when you receive customer's payment for an order. PayPal will deduct this fee directly from the payment at the point of sale. To find out more about PayPal's fees, click here.

Please consider these fees when pricing your fleeces.

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